popcorn, tōgarashi, honey, butter (v) 6.
pork and shiitake lumpia, sweet and sour 7.                                     
roasted carrots, burbere spice, yogurt sauce (v) 9.
cured salmon, sourdough toast, brown butter, apples,    10.
           pickled mustard seed, crispy chicken skin  
Goldin Artisan goat cheese board 15.
Clyde Common charcuterie*, pickles, mustard (a) 15.
charcuterie & cheese board 27.


green salad, fennel, citrus vinaigrette, rye crisp, cured egg yolk (v)        11.
chickpeas,  delicata, cranberry, green peppercorn vinaigrette, Brie (v)     12.
roasted beets, stone fruit, spicy candied walnuts,  cheese frico (v)(a) 13. squid, Sardinian couscous, chorizo, tuna confit, scallions 14.
grilled spot prawns, jerk spice, paw paw puree, celery, cilantro, mint 15.


chestnut fettuccine, chanterelles, egg yolk, chestnut crumble (v)(a)    23.
braised chicken quarter, mustard-fried potato, apple, fennel 24.    
black cod, mussel fumet, fennel, leeks, Calabrian chili, dukkah spice    25.
grilled  salmon, braised chicories, bone marrow butter 26.
pepper-crusted pork cheek, sweet potato puree, 26.
              fried Brussels sprouts, pineapple chutney   
braised goat, curried winter squash, wild rice, smoked cayenne purée 29.   
New York strip steak, celery-beer jam, celeriac dumplings,  29.
               roasted fall vegetables, veloute  


pepper crusted beef ribs, horseradish cream, tomato salad, fritters 65.               (serves 2-4)







sweet potato ice cream, cheese cake foam, 8.
       bourbon cake, candied pecans (a)
crème fraîche semifreddo, chocolate pudding,     8.
    mint-chocolate 'oreo' cookie                                     
cinnamon roulade, apples, almond tuille,    8.
         carmelized apple crème anglaise (a)
petit fours plate; assortment of house candies (a) 8.
house ice cream or sorbet 8.