spicy candied peanuts (a) 4.                                                             popcorn, tōgarashi, honey, butter (v) 6.
pork and shiitake lumpia, sweet and sour 7.                                       
anchovy toast, smoked mayo, pickled mustard seed, fennel 7.
farmer's cheese, salted key lime, dried dates, lavash 8.
Clyde Common charcuterie*, pickles, mustard (a) 20.


green salad, fennel, asparagus, roasted garlic vin, Tommes de Vin(v) 11.
grilled asparagus, caramelized egg yolk, spicy chicharrón crumble 11.   charred snap peas, pea shoots, Meyer lemon, 'everything' granola (v) 13.
charred octopus, strawberry gazpacho, braised fennel, anise 15.


BBQ King Oyster mushrooms, buttered chow chow, fried grits (v) 23.  grilled trout, cornbread-panzanella salad, morels, herb-lardo vin. 26.
spicy fried chicken, dirty rice & beans, chicken liver, spring onion 26.
grilled pork chop, house naan, seared little gem, tzatziki, cucumber 26.
lamb neck, farro, pepitas, pickled raisins, artichoke, cumin vinaigrette 27.    
strip steak, grilled ramps, chermoula polenta, pickled ramp vinaigrette 29.


galbi beef ribs, scallion pancakes, kimchi, iceberg lettuce 65.               (serves 2-4)







buttermilk panna cotta, anise hyssop, lemon meringue, 8.
        strawberry leather
brownie, pistachio cremeaux, raspberry jam,
        milk chocolate ice cream, cocoa nibs (a) 9.                                         tapioca pudding, vanilla, roasted rhubarb, granola,
        juniper-rhubarb jello, shiso 8.
petit fours plate; assortment of house candies (a) 8.
house ice cream or sorbet 8.