popcorn, tōgarashi, honey, butter (v)   6.
pork and shiitake lumpia, sweet and sour   7.
fried Brussels sprouts, crab fat mayo   9.
Clyde Common charcuterie*, pickles, mostarda (a)   20.


green salad, fennel, pickled asparagus, roasted garlic vin, San Tumas (v)  11.
charred citrus, stracciatella, crostini, olive oil, pink peppercorn (v)    12.
steelhead crudo, roe, coconut vinaigrette, annatto oil     15.                 Parisian gnocchi, escargot, squid ink & black garlic vinaigrette    16.


BBQ King Oyster mushrooms, buttered chow chow, fried grits (v) 23.    fried rockfish, Old German batter, root vegetable crisps, remoulade   22. scallops, morel bechamel, charred leeks, baby tatsoi        29.              mussels, clams, bay shrimp, parsnip, fennel, sofrito crema, panisse 24.
cassoulet, chicken roulade, black trumpet mushrooms, liver mousse 24.
grilled steak, hasselback potato, lardo, blueberry jus 26.


whole grilled rainbow trout, radicchio, citrus   35.                                      galbi beef ribs, scallion pancakes, kimchee, iceberg lettuce     65.






fried banana bread, walnut ice cream, brown butter, white chocolate, banana caramel(a)   8.
graham nougat glacé, smoked chocolate mousse, marshmallow fluff, graham feuilletine8.
yogurt sorbet, orange rind cake, meyer lemon gel, pate de fruit   8.
petit fours plate; assortment of house candies (a)   8.
house ice cream or sorbet   8.