Happy Hour

Happy Hour Menu served Mon-Sun, 3:00-6:00P


popcorn, tōgarashi, honey (v)   3.
french fries (v)   4.                                                            
market vegetable crudites, house dipping sauces (v)   5.                      pork and shiitake lumpia, sweet n sour, slaw   5.
fried brussel sprouts, crab fat mayo     6.
roaster carrots, corriander honey (v)  6.
Clyde griddle burger, American cheese, iceberg lettuce,  8.
            pickles, onion, secret sauce
petit fours                                                                                             assortment of house candies4.                                                    house ice cream OR seasonal sorbet   3.

***all items are served as they are ready
(a)contains nuts (v)vegetarian *we use fresh, unpasteurized ingredients.


draft beer  4.
house red  6.
house white  6.


Bittersweet Symphony:
Aperol, gin, Punt e Mes, lemon peel

Southbound Suarez:
reposado tequila, lime, agave,                                                                 Becherovka, house horchata

Daily Punch:

Bourbon Renewal:
bourbon, lemon, cassis, bitters

Pacific Standard:
vodka, lemon, ginger, honey, soda