Happy Hour

Happy Hour Menu served Mon-Sun, 3:00-6:00pm & 10:00pm-close


popcorn, tōgarashi, honey (v)   3.                                                    spicy candied peanuts (a)   3.                                                         french fries (v)   4.                                                                        market vegetable crudites, house dipping sauces (v)   5.                      pork and shiitake lumpia, sweet n sour, slaw   5.
shishito peppers, green strawberry vinaigrette (v) 6.  
kielbasa, pickled cabbage, mustard 6.                       
chicken wings, BBQ rub, ginger-chili sauce     6.
bologna sandwich, pickles, American cheese, Dijon mustard 6.
Clyde Common Rodeo burger*    8.
      bacon, American cheese, fried shallots,
      Marshall's habañero BBQ, pickles         

petit fours - assortment of house candies 4.                                           house ice cream OR seasonal sorbet   3.

***all items are served as they are ready
(a)contains nuts (v)vegetarian *we use fresh, unpasteurized ingredients.


draft beer  4.
house red  6.
house white  6.


Bittersweet Symphony:
Aperol, gin, Punt e Mes, lemon peel

Southbound Suarez:
reposado tequila, lime, agave,                                                                 Becherovka, house horchata

Daily Punch:

Bourbon Renewal:
bourbon, lemon, cassis, bitters

Pacific Standard:
vodka, lemon, ginger, honey, soda