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Domestic & Foreign Cooking

1014 SW Harvey Milk St. Portland, Oregon
Sunday - Wednesday: 6PM – 11PM
Thursday - Saturday: 6PM - Midnight
Happy Hour:
Daily: 3PM – 6PM & 10PM - Close
 Weekend Brunch:
Saturday - Sunday: 10AM - 3PM 




Opened in 2007, Clyde Common is a diversely influenced European-style restaurant paired with an award-winning bar program in the heart of bustling downtown Portland, OR.

The team behind the restaurant and bar playfully categorize their menu as domestic and foreign cooking, taking notes from European and American traditions, and creating menus focused on pristine ingredients grown and foraged in the Pacific Northwest.


The energizing and open space features wooden community tables, bar seating, and large windows looking out onto Harvey Milk Street. Executive Chef Clayton Allen and team carefully prepare comfort food that is simple yet exquisitely executed. The bar program is run by cocktail master Jeffrey Morgenthaler (The Bar Book, Drinking Distilled), who has made Clyde Common a destination bar for travelers and Portland natives alike.

Visit us for a drink, a snack, brunch, happy hour, dinner, a night cap… or grab a room upstairs in the Ace Hotel and stay the night. We look forward to seeing you!


American Bartender of the Year

”Morgenthaler… can claim some responsibility for several American drinks trends, particularly the barrel-aging of cocktails. Several of his drinks are among Portland's best-known cocktails, including the Barrel-Aged Negroni and Bourbon Renewal at downtown Portland's Clyde Common”

The Worlds Best Negroni Sipping Spots

Clyde Common, Portland, Oregon
”In Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s fiefdom, barrel-aged Negronis are still a mainstay: He mixes up the basic ingredients then stores them for two months in a bourbon whiskey cask”

Thrillist - Best Bartenders in America

“Basically invent barrel-aged cocktails? Been there, done that. Get everyone into bottled, carbonated cocktails? Old news. Now, Jeffrey Morgenthaler is all about reviving questionable '80s cocktails. His amaretto sours are downright desirable, which is a grand feat because those things never are.”

Forbes: The World’s Best Bar

“And that’s refreshing news, having bars in other cities conquer key categories—including “Best American Restaurant Bar” (Portland’s Clyde Common)”.

Portlands 2018 James Beard Finalists

“The city's only other James Beard finalist is Clyde Common, which for the second straight year is one of six restaurants nationally vying for the Outstanding Bar Program honor.”

Portland's 16 Essential Fall Bars: 2018

Clyde Common has been the home of Portland’s most famous bartender, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, since 2008, and the program continues to be the main draw for this sprawling, two-story gastropub.

One of the groundbreakers in Portland’s ever-evolving (and accolade-receiving) bar and restaurant scene, Clyde Common has thoroughly impressed us ever since it opened in 2007. And with its signature blend of European-influence and quintessentially American tavern touches, it continues to create something truly unique. Lest you think Clyde Common is only a trendsetter in the Pacific Northwest, oh no, it has been credited with creating several restaurant and bar trends that have gone global, and once such example is the gem that is the communal dining space… The food is fresh, local, and many of the meats are even prepared in-house. Naturally, it’s the cocktails that have had us excited all these years, as Clyde Common is serving up simple stunners and is even the birthplace of the barrel-aging phenomenon… In short, come to Clyde Common today to see what bars back home will be doing tomorrow.




James Beard Foundation

Outstanding Bar Program

Outstanding Bar Program

Outstanding Bar Program

Outstanding Bar Program

Outstanding Bar Program

Outstanding Bar Program


Tales of the Cocktail

Best American Restaurant Bar

American Bartender of the Year
Jeffrey Morgenthaler

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