Bee Local Honey

Bee Local joined the Jacobsen Salt Co. family in 2015. We whole-heartedly believed in Bee Local’s mission to practice sustainable beekeeping focused on specific terroirs throughout the Pacific Northwest, and are determined to keep that spirit alive. Bee Local is commitment to producing exceptional honey that is sustainably harvested, never heated, treated, blended, or ultra-filtered.

Black Locust Farm

Black Locust Farm aims to provide small restaurants, store fronts and value-added product manufacturers with high quality, regionally adapted and sustainably raised ingredients picked to order or even grown to order. The farm is working towards creating resilience in our food system by growing a diversified set of regionally adapted crops, focusing on soil building practices and saving seeds when practical.

Carlton Farms

Carlton Farms is a family-owned producer of all-natural, artisan fresh pork, smoked pork, and beef products. Since 1956 we have partnered with Pacific Northwest family farmers who raise animals according to time-honored methods—naturally and humanely. Animals are raised to our specifications, without hormones, animal proteins, or growth accelerants.

Cascade Organic

Cascade Organic, LLC is a cooperative effort of farmers, foragers, and fishermen. Our Mission is to bring people back to “Common Sense” foods. Founded in 2007 Cascade Organic LLC began from weekend family foraging outings in the great Pacific Northwest. From this humble beginning our passion for good food grew and we built our Urban Farm to focus on unique produce sourced from around the world. Adding fresh wild fish was our next logical endeavor. With our cooperative mission in mind we began forming relations with several local Native tribes to promote native fish products and support employment and education opportunities for Native peoples.

Cattail Creek

My wife Gwen and I live on a small place in the hills West of Junction City, Oregon where I started CATTAIL CREEK LAMB in 1984. It’s always been important to me to raise the highest quality lamb by natural means. Now I have these three great lamb operations doing the hard work of actually raising the sheep while I take care of logistics and sell the meat.

Flying Coyote Farm

Flying Coyote Farm is a Certified Organic and Certified Biodynamic farm located 40 minutes outside of Portland in Sandy, Oregon. We are passionate about growing the highest quality food with a focus on flavor and unique and heirloom varieties. We distribute our vegetables, herbs and pasture-raised meat through our CSA Program, Farmers Markets, and to local restaurants. For us growing food is an essential and radical act that leads to healthier communities, land, and people.

The Commissary

We bring delicious to your door. With The Commissary, running a bar is simpler than ever! Beverage costs become predictable and inconsistency a thing of the past. Our offerings represent the most accurate expression of the ingredients your guests hope to enjoy:pitch-perfect building blocks made by bartenders with cocktails in mind. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Gathering Together Farms

Gathering Together Farm is an enterprise in certified organic vegetable and fruit production that began in 1987. Our home base is just south of Philomath, Oregon on Grange Hall Road. Our fields are small odd shaped parcels of land, 1 to 5 acres in size, hugging the Mary's River. All totaled, we farm over 50 acres.  
Gathering Together is owned by John Eveland and Sally Brewer, husband and wife. In the heat of the summer, there will be over 120 of us working hard to nurture and harvest high-quality food, prepare it for customers, and sell it at market.

Goldin Artisan Cheese

At Goldin fhe fresh goat milk is in its purest form, free of growth hormones or antibiotics. From liquid form, the milk is transformed into a solid and the result is wonderful goat cheeses!

The Alpine goats are selectively crossbred to yield healthy and good milk producers. They browse on pasture and brush and are supplemented with Eastern Oregon premium alfalfa for its high selenium and calcium content. Their grain mixture does not contain hormones or antibiotics.

Groundworks Organics

Groundworks Organics is located just north of Eugene, we grow a wide variety of certified organic fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers for sale at farmers markets, Our farm stand and through our community supported agriculture (CSA) program. Wholesale deliveries to Eugene and Portland also supply some of the areas best restaurants and grocery stores.

Jacobsen Salt Co

Founded in 2011, Jacobsen Salt Co. was the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since Lewis & Clark built their salt works in 1805. Since then it has transformed from a local, small business to a nationally recognized brand as America’s leading salt maker. Harvested from the cold, pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast, our flake and kosher sea salts have garnered worldwide favor for their beautiful presentation and pure taste by professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Nicky USA

Nicky USA is the premier wholesale butcher & purveyor of high quality meats & specialty game in the Northwest. This year we are celebrating our 28th year in business. Owner Geoff Latham, a graduate of Oregon State University's Agricultural Business Management School, founded the business in 1990 and started out by selling rabbits from the back of his Ford Escort hatchback to a few eager chefs. Some of our earliest supporters included Philippe Boulot, Cathy Whims, Vitaly Paley and Greg Higgins, chefs who were all leaders in the local, seasonal farm to fork Northwest food movement.


Born out of the frustration of lack of honesty and accountability in the seafood marketplace and fair pay for the fishing industry, Two X Sea was founded in 2009. The goal is to alter the way seafood is farmed, caught and handled from fishery to plate. The education of consumers on the importance of our oceans and the food we harvest from it rests on the shoulders of we who sell and present this precious resource.

Olympia Provisions

Salumist Elias Cairo, grew up first generation Greek-American with a father who made charcuterie at home. Doing things the old-fashioned way was commonplace. Elias later journeyed to Europe to apprentice in the kitchens of masters. It was there that he rediscovered the art of curing meat and found inspiration in the markets and mountain towns of the old world.

Back in beautiful Portland, Oregon, Elias set out to approach the craft of charcuterie with purity and patience, recreating a nearly extinct traditional technique that is seldom seen in America.

The result is Olympia Provisions, Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria, established in 2009, deeply rooted in the past.

Pacific Coast Fruit Co.

Pacific Coast Fruit Company was founded in 1977 by Emil Nemarnik in the historic Produce Row of Portland, Oregon. The company consisted of one 2,000 square foot warehouse and eight employees, four of whom were unpaid family members. Since then, we’ve expanded to become one of the largest, independent produce distributors in the Northwest.


In 1993, founder Joe Guth was the Sous Chef at Zefiro, a groundbreaking restaurant in Portland’s emerging culinary scene. Previous experience as a cook at the renowned Chez Panisse Cafe in Berkeley, California, exposed Joe to a wide variety of foods that were not available to him in Portland. When he couldn’t find his favorite items, Joe realized other chefs might be similarly frustrated. Thus began Provvista Specialty Foods, with a simple notion: to provide local restaurants with the best quality food products at a fair price.

Our original catalog listed high quality olive oil, Italian pasta, heirloom beans, and a few other hard-to-find ingredients. As the company and Portland grew, so did our product list. Joe’s original vision expanded to include a dual focus on imported goods and American artisanal products, providing Provvista’ s growing audience with an array of unique, high quality food items. Our current product offerings reflect the diverse needs of our customers, and the list grows continuously.

Sheridan Fruit Co.

In 1916 John Sheridan started an open-air produce market on Union Avenue. In 1946 the Poleo Brothers, whose family still owns and operates The Sheridan Fruit Company today, purchased the company and under their guidance it began to grow and grow. Our wholesale operation began in 1950 with Meier and Frank as its only customer. Today we serve some of the finest restaurants and caterers in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. In 1961 the meat department was added and in today's era of pre-packaged meat, it's nice to know there is still somewhere you can get meat cut to your specifications. In the late 1960's top quality groceries and a variety of bulk foods were added as a convenience and value-added option to our customers. This section continues to expand, stocking many hard to find items, as well as a fine selection of wines and boutique beers. The bulk section stocks not only the basics, but also a wide offering of grains, spices, nuts, and dried fruits that serve the needs of Portland's gourmet chefs and specialty cooks. No matter how large Sheridan has become, the store still feels like a great farmers' market. Our produce assortment is outstanding- fresh herbs, bulk shallots, sweet onions year-round, okra, fava beans, snap peas, rapini, limestone lettuce, endive, radicchio and much more! Visit us today and discover why Sheridan has been Portland’s premiere quality foods market for over 100 years!

Starvation Alley Farms

Starvation Alley is rooted in the celebration of food and grounded in respect for the people and places that grow it. The country road leading to our bogs was playfully named Starvation Alley during the Great Depression. While it was true the community had little financial means, they ate well by foraging, farming, and living in harmony with the land. This “tide’s out, table’s set" mentality still describes our close relationship to our local environment. We know that taking on the role of farmer is taking on the role of steward. And we believe organic growing practices are essential to the health of the land. Land that, if respected and cared for, will keep us well fed for generations to come.

Stoneboat Farm

Vibrant Valley Farm

Vibrant Valley Farm: We are two women who are dedicated farmers and passionate educators committed to exploring innovative solutions to enliven the current food system, both locally and globally. We work to honor ancient traditions in growing food and connecting to the land as well as to helping to create healthier communities. We are partnering with local schools and youth projects to create mentorship programs as well as green job training possibilities to accompany the hard work and dedication of growing food and learning from one another in a field setting.

Wilder Land & Sea

When you Get to know Wilder you get to know the passion we have for the Northwest bounty. More than that it's our passion to see our partnering restaurants thrive that pushes us to source the Wilder products they love.

Founders, Nate and Kyle, bring their unique experiences to offer Portland chefs the best quality meat and seafood, and a customer-service focused distribution. Combining their diverse backgrounds, they created a meat and seafood company with the harvest and the chef in mind.